About Us

For over than 15 years, WCN has been focus on developping and manufacturing of LED, LED Display, and now extended to LED lighting and PCBA per customers' request.  With the broadest range of high efficiency, high performance products, WCN can provide one-stop solution to most of the customers,especially in LED, LED display and PCBA. WCN provide thousands of standard products, available in different color, size,shape, intensity, including UV, visible and infrared wavelengths.


WCN are open to listen and feedback to customers for their requests and can suggest reasonable and feasible solution to customers. We provide total custom designs based on customer's idea, drawing,etc. That enrich our products lines and enhance our relationship with our customers.


WCN have a worldwide sales network in different countries. Our sales and distributors(agents) are servicing over than 3, 000 customers both directly and through our agents.


WCN continously improve the quality controlling by working with the world top-grade customers.  From ISO 9001:2008, and now we are working on ISO14001 and TS16949, we will provide more easy and more quality-guaranteed products and service to our esteemed customers.


Choose WCN, you are choosing easy work ,and of course, you are choosing quality confidence.

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